WebCenter Content Quick Search now also on Apple iTunes App Store

This worked reasonably well: I´ve ported the WebCenter Content Quick Search App to iOS and was able to get around all the approval hurdles for the Apple iTunes App Store. You can find the tool here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/webcenter-content-quick-search/id532886293

Here are some statistics of the code:

  • ~ 14000 Lines of Code JavaScript with all the jQuery Mobile, Cordova, etc. Libraries
  • ~1300 LoC JavaScript and 430 LoC HTML own code – only !🙂
  • ~ 900 LoC Java for Android Plugins
  • ~900 Loc Objective C for iOS Plugins

New WebCenter Content Quick Search App

I´ve started to port my Oracle Content Server Quick Search App to Cordova (aka PhoneGap) and jQuery Mobile. Obvious goal is to learn hybrid mobile app development and eventually port it to iOS. You can find the app for Android here. Using the jQuery plugin from Bex Huff (thanks a lot for this Bex) and using the JSON interface of WebCenter Content Server was the easiest part. But I was also surprised how easy it was to develop Cordova Plugins.

I´m thinking about making the source code public domain and put it on GitHub. Let me know if you´re interested.

Oracle UCM Quick Search Android App now also for older Android 2.1 devices

Due to popular demand I´ve “downgraded” the Oracle UCM Quick Search App to Android 2.1 with some limitation.

You can find it on the Android Market as “Oracle UCM Quick Search SDK7”.

The limitation is in the area of SSL support. Due to the fact, that the public method “onReceivedSslError” of the WebViewClient Class is only available from Android 2.2 (SDK 8 ) on, viewing a content item through SSL does not work in this version. So if you got an Android 2.2 device, please be sure to load the *real* App “Oracle UCM Quick Search” instead.

Oracle UCM Quick Search Android App

I have just uploaded the free Oracle UCM Quick Search Android App to the Google Android Market.

Screenshot Start Oracle UCM Quick Search App

Screenshot Oracle UCM Quick Search App

Screenshot Oracle UCM Quick Search App

This App lets you connect to an Oracle UCM Content Server , do a quick search, view the results, view and download individual content objects.

The App has been developed for and tested on Samsung Galaxy Tab with Android 2.2.

Different ports for HTTP are supported, but SSL is only supported on port 443.

The search can be done without user and password in order to find public content, or with UCM user credentials to access also secured content. Please note that username and password are sent in Base64 encoded clear text and encoding does not mean encryption, so this is unsecure, unless you are using a SSL connection to UCM.

The view operation recognizes UCM Content Converter and shows the HTML converted rendition of the content object when supported. Otherwise view will use the UCM persistent content URL to the webviewable rendition. The download operation gets the original file of the content object and downloads this to your local device external storage directory.

The Quick Search input can also be left empty in order to find the latest 20 content objects.

All user input is saved as preferences for next invocation, excluding the password for obvious security reasons.

Both UCM 10gR3 and 11g are supported.

If your device supports speech recognition, the quick search text can be recorded using speech recognition.

Limitations in this version:

  • Only a maximum of 20 search results are shown
  • Speech recognition only gives you the first best choice that was recognized
  • Only the latest released versions are used
  • Only standard Metadata supported

I have implemented the app by using the JSON interface of the Content Server. Try it with  any content service and just append “&IsJson=true” to the UCM Url. You can then for example paste the result into a JSON Online Parser here: http://json.parser.online.fr .

And by the way many thanks Kyle Hatlestad for this very valuable tip for UCM 11g Authentication
https://blogs.oracle.com/kyle/entry/using_wsdls_in_ucm_11g_like_yo  :-)